Stance-Fusion-Socks-01Stance Fusion Socks- Stance socks have been drawing a lot of buzz as of late. Stance socks have became famous in the skateboard community, but now Stance has shift their buzz to basketball socks. Stance hope to give ballers a whole new experience when they hit the courts. Stance Fusion socks feature Trinity Technology, which combines added traction at the sole; supportive compression at the inner arch; and moisture-wicking fabrics to give you style but also provide you with all the essentials needed to ball. Continue reading to see which Stance Fusion socks are now available at BX Sports. stance-combat-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2 stance-crypsis-gray-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2 stance-crypsis-mint-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2 stance-ganado-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2 stance-jimenez-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2 stance-ohana-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2 stance-union-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2 stance-zarafa-wht-ecom-mens-performance-basketball-socks-2